Gay Luigi
Gay luigi by meleemovies-d3fixei
Series Mario icon
Final Smash Gay Luigi Rage
Appearances No actual game appearance, However The Gay Luigi Meme originated as Luigi's appearance from The CD-I game, Hotel Mario.
Tier C (17)


Gay Luigi is a Photoshop Internet Meme that is from The Phillips CD-I game, Hotel Mario Tis meme originated when Fat Mario, Again another Internet Meme, Said "It is nice that The Princess brought us over for dinner, AY Luigi!" The ay in The sentence has been accused of multiple times, And people say that he actually says, "It is nice that The Princess brought us over for dinner, GAY Luigi!" Since it sounds like Mario is saying that because of the quality of the sound was back then. Another part of the meme is that right after Mario says that line, Luigi goes, "I hope she brought lots-a Spaghetti!", Which get's taken to Gay Luigi being obsessed with Spaghetti. It is also said that Gay Luigi hates being called "GAY".


Gay Luigi is a unique character in his self, And uses a lot of Hotel Mario references to the attacks, And a lot of Hotel Mario Memes. He can turn people into Fat Mario, And takes damage to the opponent. Gay Luigi can also throw Spaghetti into The opponent's face. Gay Luigi is a fast character, And is the strongest character in the game, As well as being the heaviest, Despite its size. Gay Luigi is a zoning character.

Gay Luigi has terrific projectiles, Especially The Spaghetti attack. All Gay Luigi does is throw the Spaghetti into the opponent's face, Causing a tremendous damage.

Gay Luigi is ranked C 31 in The Tier List.

Gay Luigi's Normal MovesEdit


  • Gay Luigi grabs some Toast from Fat Mario, And throws it at the opponent.

Side Tilt

  • Gay Luigi spits fire from The FlameThrower.

Up Tilt

  • Gay Luigi rides on Yoshi doing Yoshi's up tilt, Except with the exception of Weegee on top of The Yoshi staring into the opponent's eye's.

Down Tilt

  • Gay Luigi shits into the random toilet with the opponent inside The Toilet, And then they get plunged.


  • Gay Luigi tells CD-I Link, And The King to defeat the opponent.


  • Gay Luigi say's NO! Causing The Tremendous sound-wave.

Gay Luigi's Special MovesEdit

Type Name Descriprion
Neutral Special Spaghetti! Gay Luigi Throws The bowl of Spaghetti at the opponent.
Side Special Fat Mario Gay Luigi Tells Fat Mario to help him, And Fat Mario comes walking Through The stage.
Up Special Yoshi Jump Gay Luigi rides Yoshi while yoshi flutter jumps.

Down Special

Toast Gay Luigi Throws the bag of Toast from Hotel Mario
Final Smash Gay Luigi Rage Fat Mario comes in, And Tells Gay Luigi That he is Gay, And Gay Luigi's eye's turn to red, And Gay Luigi Turns Tremendously humongous, And shoots lazer eye's at The opponent's, Causing 17% damage.


  • Gay Luigi's sprites have been officially taken out of The CD-I Game, Hotel Mario.

Notable AppearancesEdit

Note That Gay Luigi Is Not In Any Actual Game.